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Brands create images. Brands create stories. Brands create trust (in the best case). Especially today in the information age, companies are struggling to be noticed by potential customers - and then to be remembered. The best product has no value at all if there are not people who believe in it and buy or consume it. Successful companies can rely on the positive image of their own brand, which gives consumers a measure of security and trust.


We help companies with successful branding. Depending on the project, this may include different services.

Values & Goals

The foundation of any business: Why am I doing this and not something else? What added value does my brand bring to customers & society?


A brand is like a person with all its rough edges. Together we work out what makes your brand tick.

Brand presence

This includes in particular corporate design. Typical design work here includes logo, colors, fonts, shapes, design guidelines, patterns, etc.

Corporate Language

A target group-oriented, consistent communication line provides your brand with authenticity.

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about branding and brand development

Difference between brand and logo

Brand and logo are two different things. Brands usually have logos, but they encompass much more. The brand is the interaction of many different components.

What is a brand story?

A brand story is much more than just the text on a website, flyers, brochures, etc. It includes all the emotions, details, experiences and more that connect a brand with its customers and partners. Rather, it includes all the emotions, details, experiences and more that connect a brand together with customers & partners. So it is something that is constantly changing. The story is then also not only told by the company, but rather takes place on all sides of the joint interaction.

What is part of the corporate design?

Corporate design is the uniform appearance of a company - both internally and externally. The generic term combines several elements, which usually include the logo, colors, fonts, design patterns etc. Corporate design is not only intended to serve purely visual purposes, but also to achieve specific brand goals.

Why is corporate language important?

Sounds more complicated than it often is. Corporate language describes a uniform style of speech across companies. To ensure that the brand image remains sharp and customer expectations are met, a brand should always maintain a consistent tone of voice and address. If no clear line is taken here, this can lead to confusion on the customer side. Example: Banks avoid a too personal, casual address, while this is more expected and perhaps even desired from the fitness studio around the corner.

How important is a professional website?

You already guessed it. For most companies & brands, a professional website is indispensable today. Professional doesn't have to mean complicated, expensive or elaborate, but rather perfectly tailored to the respective needs. An appealing design is a must!

How do I make my brand discoverable online?

The website is up and running and the social media channels are created, now all that's really missing is the visitors. For more findability on the Internet, we can offer you various services in the field of search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing.

When is it too late for branding?

Ideally, branding should be addressed at a very early stage because, after all, the vision, mission and actions of a company depend to a large extent on it. However, it never hurts to constantly reflect on one's own actions and appearance. After all, a company, like our society, is never something rigid. Adapting to new circumstances without losing sight of one's own "why" therefore makes perfect sense - and it's never too late for branding. In fact, it should be omnipresent and understood as a helpful means for more brand success.

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