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Branding & web design for hair salon from Augsburg

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Logo design and branding

Since 2007, the hair stylists of "Die Haarschneider" are located in the middle of Augsburg's city center. Now it was time for an overhaul of the brand identity, including a new logo, modern font and fresh colors. The appearance should fit the core competencies of the team (cut, color, reshaping, hair extensions, make-up). The reflection used gilds the lettering.

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Responsive web design & WordPress website

In addition to the new logo, a completely new, responsive WordPress website was designed and implemented. Content can be updated either by the client or the agency. The curved lettering in particular is a design element on the website. In addition, there are high-quality images, which come from the product partners, among others. Customers can easily plan their appointments themselves thanks to online appointment booking.

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Print media and advertising material

The dominant colors of the print media are white, gold and black. The selection of suitable papers and colors allow the gold tone to be fully appreciated. In addition to business cards and stationery, voucher cards were initially designed for the hair clippers - other advertising materials are to follow as required.

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Hair clippers

Project title

Branding & web design for hair salon from Augsburg


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Branding, Logo Design, Print, Web Design, WordPress


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