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The customer always comes first

V.M.P VermögensManagement GmbH is exclusively committed to its clients - this precept has top priority and forms the core of the company. Each:r advisor:in V.M.P is highly qualified, neutral and independent. The consulting mentality and product selection focuses exclusively on the wishes and needs of the clients. All other elements of the brand are built on the basis of this brand mission.

Portfolio: V.M.P WordPress website screen design

Logo redesign

We have redesigned the logo for the company 2020. The central element - the silhouette of a lion's head - was retained, but in a completely new form. The previous brand colors were changed - the new shade of blue is now much darker and serves as a secondary color. The new primary color is a strong gold, which perfectly matches V.M.P's services.

Portfolio: V.M.P WordPress Mobile Screendesign

Portfolio: V.M.P WordPress Mobile Screendesign

Relaunch of the WordPress website

In the course of the logo redesign, the WordPress website was also redesigned and programmed. A modern, appealing design with a serious character was the goal here - the design should work for the entire, age-diverse target group. The increasing digitalization of the consulting and brokerage business was also given a lot of attention. Thus, the redirects to WhatsApp chat and the smartphone app are prominently placed.

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WordPress website for financial services


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