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WooCommerce is the Plugin for WordPress to extend the CMS with all the functionalities of an online store. Thanks to the popularity of WordPress itself, WooCommerce is now also a widely used store system. We support you in all processes, starting with the planning, through the implementation to the ongoing support and marketing of your WooCommerce store.

Measurable success

Building your e-commerce sales channel

With the implementation of your WooCommerce store, an important initial building block has been laid. However, our process goes many steps further. Often it is the targeted marketing of a brand or a store that brings the desired success. Components here can be SEO, SEA, social media marketing and also influencer marketing. We are happy to contribute our experience, our know-how and our network contacts.

Known store solution

WooCommerce was released in 2011 and has long since ceased to be a fringe product. Even large stores rely on the system - this gives you the necessary foundation for your own e-commerce success.

Round concept

The WooCommerce online store offers everything you need as a professional online merchant. There are also numerous interfaces to other services available.

Law & Security

To adapt WooCommerce to the German requirements, there are specially programmed extensions available. In addition, there are special legal texts, such as for the privacy policy, which have been adapted to WooCommerce.

Simple processes

We help you to simplify and automate all processes around your online store as far as possible. This includes, for example, payment processing, shipping or even sending invoices.

WooCommerce Agency Services

We offer a full service for your WooCommerce online store.

Store design

No off-the-shelf design: we create unique store designs, which are tailored to the brand as well as the target group. These are then programmed into a finished WooCommerce theme.


So that your store cuts a fine figure on any screen. We ensure an ideal shopping experience, whether on desktop, tablet or smartphone. WooCommerce itself already brings the most important basic requirements, which we take over and further develop for the individual theme.


By analyzing usage behavior, we can constantly adapt your store to the needs of your customers. This promotes the customer experience and your sales.

Ongoing support

We know how important reliable support is. For our customers, we want to be the first point of contact for all questions in the field of online and offline marketing, on whom they can rely.


A fast web store with low loading times is important for both potential buyers and Google. The latter rates websites and stores with higher performance better. This leads to improved rankings and lower advertising costs.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) are already part of the standard repertoire for most stores. We help you with the planning and implementation of these.


Together with you, we select the appropriate interfaces for your online store - this could be Billbee, Paypal, Klarna, DHL, eBay or Amazon, for example.

Update service

The ongoing updates to your store are first carried out by us securely in a test environment. In the second step, these are adopted for live operation. This way you can always work with the latest WordPress & WooCommerce version.


Let us advise you without obligation. This way you can easily find out whether Gambio is suitable for your store project or not.

Agency & customer becomes a we.

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