WordPress Maintenance & Care

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Websites often stop working when their environment changes, for example when the web server is updated. But attacks from outside are also a serious threat. To maintain functionality and security, websites must therefore be regularly adapted.

Leave Quality & Safety of your website no longer to chance, but to us!

Our service plans

Professional WordPress help. No long contracts. Simple & fast.

  • Level 1

  • $0€/month *
  • Protect
    WordPress Support Care Plan Protect
    contains basic service with

    • Reporting  
    • Monthly cloud backups  
    • Monthly security scans  
    • WordPress Core Update  
    • WordPress Theme Update  
    • WordPress Plugin Update  
    • Visitor statistics  

  • Level 2

  • $0€/month *
  • Advanced
    WordPress Support Maintenance Plan Advanced
    contains level 1 plus

    • Content maintenance & changes  
    • weekly cloud backups  
    • Weekly security scans  
    • Analysis Google Ranking 50  
    • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring  
    • Database cleanup  

  • Level 3

  • $0€/month *
  • Professional
    WordPress Support Maintenance Plan Pro Enterprise and Shops
    Contains level 2 plus

    • more content maintenance & changes  
    • Daily cloud backups  
    • Daily security scans  
    • Analysis Google Ranking 100  
    • Performance Check  
    • Performance optimization  
    • Prioritized support  


By maintaining the website on a monthly basis, you avoid significantly higher costs, which could be caused by a total failure or attack from the outside.


For a website to generate revenue, it must always function properly and be found on the Internet. An infected page may be banned from the Google index altogether.


Over time, appearance and functions (e.g. forms) can change negatively - then the website no longer meets the wishes and expectations of users (customers).


More than 30,000 websites are hacked every day. An outdated CMS, theme or plugin is often to blame. Regular updates offer preventive protection.

More success with your WordPress website

There is simply more to a successful website than just creating it once.

The website is created, looks good, represents the company image and can be found well on Google - what can go wrong now? Maybe nothing for the time being, but would you sit down in a car, airplane or carousel whose maintenance is long overdue? Probably not. In the same way, you shouldn't rely on your website working without any updates for a long period of time. After all, we are dealing with a very fast-moving medium here. From now on, we as a digital agency have the right solution for you.

Your benefits from a professional WordPress support

You take care of all your business & brand, we take care of your WordPress website.

Better performance

More performance and a low load time leads to satisfied site visitors and better Google rankings.

More security

Regular updates make a WordPress website much more secure. This is supported by backups and security scans.

More current content

You will never have to get over yourself to add new content again. We do this for you - fast, uncomplicated & in best quality.

Better Google rankings

Our services from the areas of speed, content, hosting, security and much more help to improve Google rankings.

More page views

Low page load time, up-to-date content and consistently good Google rankings bring more visitors to the website.

Reliable partner

A reliable partnership that you can fully rely on. We are your point of contact with digital expertise.


We keep a safe eye on your website so you can take care of your core business.

Best informed

We keep you up to date on all important topics so that you no longer miss anything.

Rescue parachute

If something does go wrong with the website, we pull out all the stops to fix the problem quickly.

WordPress Care & Maintenance

Your professional contact

You have questions about WordPress support, e.g. "How much does a professional WordPress maintenance cost"? We will be happy to advise you personally, suitable for your website.

Agency & customer becomes a we.

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