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Licus AG
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Real Estate

Everything from one source around the real estate.

Licus AG has been working for its customers in the areas of investment, commercial and residential real estate for own use and for capital investors since 2000. The wide range of services and constantly growing team should now take place in a new website.

Webdesign Licus AG

Elegant in black, gray, white

The newly created WordPress website lets the real estate take the lead: by limiting the images to black, gray and white, the real estate images have the necessary space to develop themselves. The core of the website is, among other things, the new real estate search, which is already enthroned on the home page in the header. To make it easier for Licus to maintain the website, the posting of properties has been fully automated by means of an interface to the brokerage software.

Ongoing support

We are pleased to support both Licus AG and its partner Communis Projektbau in the ongoing expansion of their online presences. Thus, the digital brand visibility remains continuously high.

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