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Digital information platform for people involved in and interested in culture

Many people involved in and interested in culture will be familiar with the problem: There is often no central overview of all cultural topics in one's own city or region. Which event takes place when and where? Which regional artists are there to discover?

With the culture portal, we jointly realized a digital solution. Among others, the client, the city of Schwabmünchen - in particular the cultural office headed by Dr. Doris Hafner, as well as local cultural actors were involved.

All information can be viewed online and is thus even more up-to-date than in print format, for example. On the portal, under the categories Events, Culture is here, Rooms and Culture A-Z subdivided.

Programmierung und Design Kulturportal Stadt Schwabmünchen

All participate with

As the name Kulturportal suggests, this is a collaborative project. Organizers, artists and other cultural actors can publish their own information on the portal. The aim is to bring together all information relevant to culture on the portal in order to provide the best possible overview.

Programmierung und Design Kulturportal Stadt Schwabmünchen

Programming of the portal with WordPress

The open source editorial system WordPress served us as the core for the programming, which was adapted in the second step. The data entry was solved in such a way that all contributors only have the fields available that they need for their own purposes.

Programmierung und Design Kulturportal Stadt Schwabmünchen
Programmierung und Design Kulturportal Stadt Schwabmünchen


Any software is only as good as the support it comes with. Together with the culture office, we are available to all contributors, especially for technical concerns. In addition, some extensions are conceivable to further expand the functionality.

Renowned landscape photographer

Stefan Hefele is one of Germany's leading landscape photographers. In addition to his work as a photographer, he is also an author and jury member. In addition to high-quality calendars, he also publishes various books. His motifs are also available as wallpapers for your own four walls.

Webdesign Stefan Hefele

Website as a stage for his works

We created a Responsive WordPress website that showcases Stefan Hefee's stunning images. Navigating through the individual landscape categories was a particular challenge. The site was created bilingually so that the entire international audience can marvel at his works.

E-commerce and WooCommerce online store

A limited selection of motifs is available to anyone interested in purchasing for their own four walls. The online store offers the possibility to freely choose the printing method and the image size. In addition, there is a free visualization service for those (still) undecided. To expand the reach, we as an agency also take on search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA) and social media advertising (SMM).

Webdesign Stefan Hefele
Webdesign Stefan Hefele

Brand expansion

The Stefan Hefele brand will be further expanded, and the next step is to internationalize the store so that photo lovers worldwide can purchase the images.

Webdesign Stefan HefeleWebdesign Stefan Hefele

In search of the soul of coffee

Organic certified - Direct Trade - CO2 neutrality. Here, the focus is not only on the bean, but also on the environment and partners. The friendly coffee roasting company from Wehringen (Bavaria) still exudes startup character. The gently roasted top-quality coffee is a real treat for all coffee fans (such as our agency).

Webdesign Rösterei Bohnenschmiede-01

As carefully prepared as the green coffee

We have given the website and online store the same dedication as the green coffee itself. All coffee drinkers can find out at their leisure about the facets of each individual variety. This includes, for example, origin, cultivation altitude, preparation, intensity, fruitiness, type of coffee, suitable preparation, taste and aromas.

E-commerce, online store and coffee subscription

We have been commissioned to provide all-round carefree support for the Bohnenschmiede in the area of e-commerce, which also includes the WooCommerce online store and online marketing. For the WooCommerce store, we have introduced a coffee subscription system since 2021 - thus avoiding the involuntary decaffeination of the Bohnenschmiede community in the future!Webdesign Rösterei Bohnenschmiede-01

Everything from one source around the real estate.

Licus AG has been working for its customers in the areas of investment, commercial and residential real estate for own use and for capital investors since 2000. The wide range of services and constantly growing team should now take place in a new website.

Webdesign Licus AG

Elegant in black, gray, white

The newly created WordPress website lets the real estate take the lead: by limiting the images to black, gray and white, the real estate images have the necessary space to develop themselves. The core of the website is, among other things, the new real estate search, which is already enthroned on the home page in the header. To make it easier for Licus to maintain the website, the posting of properties has been fully automated by means of an interface to the brokerage software.

Ongoing support

We are pleased to support both Licus AG and its partner Communis Projektbau in the ongoing expansion of their online presences. Thus, the digital brand visibility remains continuously high.

Strategy, Branding & Logo Design

Sport conveys values & emotions. With this in mind, at the beginning of the process we worked with Peter Böhm, founder of the Axe Gym, to carefully consider the values that should be conveyed through the brand image. Thai boxing and MMA - these are not exactly the sports you would sign up your own child for without reservation. However, the Axe Gym is primarily about good sportsmanship, ambition, fairness, cohesion and, last but not least, fun. Despite all the supposed hardness of martial arts, positive impressions and emotions are to be conveyed, for which the whole team ultimately stands.

An axe in the logo - that may seem a bit iron, ruthless and merciless at first. Perhaps a small provocation to all those who ascribe excessive brutality to the sports. Because in the end it's more about not behaving "like an axe in the woods". Apart from that, some values can be taken from professional woodcutting: Strength, precision, endurance and being aware of a certain residual risk.

Startup Logo Design Entwicklung Axe Gym
Portfolio: Axe Gym - Branding für Startup

Web design and WordPress website

Based on the branding, a WordPress website was created that reflects all core elements. A protected member area holds additional information for all exercisers. The Axe Gym can maintain and update all content itself through the WordPress content management system.

Webdesign für Startup Axe Gym Schwabmünchen
Mobiles Webdesign für Startup Axe Gym Schwabmünchen
Portfolio: Axe Gym - Branding für Startup

Offline & Print & Outdoor Advertising

For a local company with a regional catchment area, a target group-specific offline strategy is of course essential. Here, a mixture of print advertising and eye-catching facade design is used.

Axe Gym Flyer und Poster Design
Design Gutscheine Axe Gym
Flyerdesign Axe Gym
Portfolio: Axe Gym - Branding für Startup

WordPress website in modern web design

"Implementing Industry 4.0 together" - under this motto we realized a contemporary WordPress website for the Industry Business Network 4.0 e.V.. The core of the new website is the knowledge transfer as well as the highlighting of all advantages for the members. We have realized the relaunch from the planning, through the implementation, to the live launch.


Modern web design & implementation with CMS WordPress

Autohaus Bunz is the Volkswagen and Audi service partner in Schwabmünchen. In 2019, a complete website relaunch was on the agenda for the traditional company. We were involved in the planning, design, implementation and live launch of the relaunch. For the design, it was important not to focus too strongly on one of the two brands VW and Audi.


Connection of the VW and Audi portals

In addition to its own website, the company also relies on the partner portals of VW and Audi. Here, we provided advice and support to enable the logical linking of all content. Customers can find company and service-related information on the company website, while all product-related information can be found on the partner portals.


Logo design and branding

Prachtwand stands for modern interior design. With the combination of high-quality processing techniques and selected materials, a unique room ambience is created. The logo symbolizes a stamp with which motifs can be imprinted into the still wet concrete. The simple basic colors black, gray and white can be combined perfectly with the photos of the interior and room designs.

Prachtwand Logo Design
Prachtwand Branding

Web design and WordPress website

We designed a modern WordPress website for Prachtwand. The focus was on the photographs of the interiors, which give a perfect picture of the service. With a discreet navigation and the limitation to the colors black and white, the photos of the walls and floors look even more elegant. Our client can easily maintain and update all content themselves using the WordPress content management system.

Prachtwand Website
Prachtwand Website
Prachtwand Mobil
Prachtwand Branding

Print media and advertising material

Just like the logo and website, the print and advertising materials are also presented in a sophisticated black-and-white look. A very strong cardboard was chosen for the business cards to convey value and durability. The simple form of the logo also allows for many other possible applications, such as textile printing, vehicle wrapping, etc.

Prachtwand Briefpapier
Prachtwand Visitenkarten
Prachtwand Stempel Visitenkarten

Web design & WordPress

The corporate goal of ERGE Küchentechnik GmbH was then, as it is now, to combine state-of-the-art appliance technology with good, functional design and to market it through qualified specialist dealers.

We conceptualized, designed and implemented a completely new, responsive WordPress website for ERGE Küchentechnik GmbH from Graben.

Portfolio: Erge GmbH Webdesign und WordPress
Portfolio: Erge GmbH Webdesign und WordPress
Portfolio: Erge GmbH Webdesign und WordPress

The Singoldsand Festival in Schwabmünchen is a two-day youth and pop culture festival for people interested in culture and music, as well as students and families with children. It is organized entirely on a voluntary basis by the youth advisory council of the town of Schwabmünchen and a team of over 200 young people.

Since 2013, we have also been involved in the festival on a voluntary basis in the area of marketing. This includes illustrations, print design and the website.

Logo Singoldsand Festival
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