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A Backlink (engl. Back reference) describes a Hyperlink (short: link), which leads from a web page to a other website leads. Backlinks are also known under the terms inbound link or external links.

The number and quality of Backlinks is used in search engines for the Google ranking of a website used. The higher the number of high-quality Backlinksthe more helpful and interesting a domain seems to be on the Internet. A Backlink is in this case a kind of recommendation, a certain Visit website.

Meaning of Backlinks

Backlinks are fundamental for the search engine ranking. The higher the Number of high quality Backlinks on a website, the higher this domain will be rated by the search engine and Finally ranked.

Quality before quantity

It does me no good at all if my website has a lot of Backlinks but these are useless from the SEO (search engine optimization) point of view (keyword link spam). Already a high quality Backlink on the other hand can achieve a lot of effect. Here, quality clearly takes precedence over quantity.

Google is committed to improving the quality of Backlinks and also to be able to detect link spam more quickly. With the Penguin Update (Webspam Update) Google wants Webspam in the search results contain. Webspam are unfair techniques for Google (keyword stuffing, link schemes), which domain owners use to achieve the highest possible hits in search results without being of any use to the site visitors. This can even lead to Google excluding affected websites from the search results.

A good Backlink can be recognized by the fact that the inserted Link content to the lecturer Text module fits. Also, the link should be on an overall content quality web page. In addition, the link should be on a page that Google considers a trustworthy classifies. For Google are Backlinks next to content, the most important ranking element for websites. If you want more page visitors, i.e. traffic on the page, you have to deal with the topic of Backlinks deal with.

Anchor text

The anchor text is the (usually blue marked) Clickable text  or text module, behind which is a Link hides. If the anchor text is clicked, the user is redirected to the target page. The Google search engine also reads the anchor text and evaluates how relevant it is.

Types of backlinks

You can distinguish Backlinks about which objects they are linked to or about their importance for the ranking in search engines. This way Backlinks in dofollow or nofollow (engl. follow) can be classified. There are image links (image as link content) or trash links (links from spam pages).

Dofollow describes a link that a software program is to follow during readout. This link is therefore called up by search engine crawlers in order to forward to the target stored in the link. Dofollow is a link which is crawled by search engines and as quality voice counted will.

Nofollow on the other hand, is a link that Google will not follow or redirect. Nofollow links are thus ignored in the rating by search engines. Google uses the nofollow attribute to curb comment spam or paid advertising links.

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