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Design Thinking

In the field of online marketing, there are the classic design disciplines such as shaping and design. Design Thinking is a Innovation methodThe focus is not on the technical solvability of a task, but rather on the User wishes and their needs as well as user-oriented invention to the focus has. You look at a problem through the eyes of the user and thus take on the role of the user.

Design Thinker create user-friendly solutions. The needs and wishes of the users are the focus here. Possible are the development of products and services, as well as be helpful in digitization processes or the development of new business models.

Design Thinking is, however, useless if a product idea is already fully developed and the result only needs to be worked out in detail and confirmed. Design Thinking would like to solve problems, develop new ideas and approaches and not accompany already created projects in the final phase.

How does / does Design Thinking work?

Key point from Design Thinking is that innovation results from a Intersection of the factors human (what is desired), Technology (what is feasible) and Economy (what is marketable) arises. The points of attractiveness, feasibility and profitability must be taken into account in equal measure so that the developed idea can then also be successful. This is how innovative products and services become attractive and also feasible and profitable.

Design Thinking is Always focused on people and their needs. Once the needs of the target group have been identified and understood, the development of possible ideas can begin. The "target object" is viewed from a wide variety of angles without committing to a line of development too early.

As a great advantage with Design Thinking the Cooperation of different interdisciplinary Teams viewed. The teams from different disciplines exchange their skills, thereby complementing each other and jointly developing new solution ideas for a project with divergent approaches. There is a consensus that problems are best solved when teams from different areas work together and bring together different approaches.

Design Thinker also like to work in as flexible a working environment as possible. The teams work with whiteboards and presentation surfaces to be able to present creative ideas to each other. The individual team members come up with a wide variety of concepts, which are then brought together to achieve an optimal solution for the end user (agile project management). Individual steps are repeated until the team has found a user-friendly solution (iterative process). The basic principles Team, space and Process come into play here.

Schematically, a Design Thinking divide into the following work steps: Understanding, observing, developing synthesis, brainstorming, developing prototypes, testing and optimization phase.

Why Design Thinking?

At Design Thinking the needs of the target group determine the solution. The Cut meng from benefit (Consumer), Technology (feasibility) and economy (marketability) are the pillars for the success of Design Thinking. Ideas are often presented to end customers in the early development stage in the form of prototypes (mini models, role plays, collages). This allows them to provide feedback long before market launch. This later practical results possible.

Curiosity and openness to other perspectives determine the creative working culture at Design Thinking, which ultimately also accounts for their success. In media agencies Design Thinking Drive the structuring of project work and strengthen the interplay of consulting, planning and implementation.

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