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The Basic Data Protection Regulation GDPR of the European Union regulates, like Authorities, companies, practices or associations with the personal data of their customers, visitors, employees or members bypass have to. The declared goal in times of advancing digitization is to achieve an appropriate balance between consumer and business interests.

The GDPR applies equally to all EU member states and strengthens the fundamental right to informational self-determination for individual consumers through greater transparency and more co-determination in the processing of personal data.

Content of the GDPR

The GDPR entered into force in 2016 and is Binding for all EU member states since May 2018. It includes that Companies and website operators personal data only if may process data if there is a legal basis for doing so or if the customers have consented to this data processing.. Failure to comply with the rules and data protection violations could result in heavy fines and legal proceedings.

As an entrepreneur and website operator, you have a lot to keep in mind. Tricky areas are, for example, contact forms, the collection of order data and Paypal payments in the online store or the sending of newsletters. One point would also be the set up analysis of customer data with tracking tools. The list of pitfalls is long. All the more reason for companies today to ensure correct compliance with data protection regulations and, at best, to seek professional advice.

Note: This information does not constitute legal advice, nor are we authorized to give such advice. In case of doubt, please always seek advice from a specialist lawyer.

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