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Axe Gym logo design and branding

Strategy, Branding & Logo Design

Sport conveys values & emotions. With this in mind, at the beginning of the process we worked with Peter Böhm, founder of the Axe Gym, to carefully consider the values that should be conveyed through the brand image. Thai boxing and MMA - these are not exactly the sports you would sign up your own child for without reservation. However, the Axe Gym is primarily about good sportsmanship, ambition, fairness, cohesion and, last but not least, fun. Despite all the supposed hardness of martial arts, positive impressions and emotions are to be conveyed, for which the whole team ultimately stands.

An axe in the logo - that may seem a bit iron, ruthless and merciless at first. Perhaps a small provocation to all those who ascribe excessive brutality to the sports. Because in the end it's more about not behaving "like an axe in the woods". Apart from that, some values can be taken from professional woodcutting: Strength, precision, endurance and being aware of a certain residual risk.

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Portfolio: Axe Gym - Branding for Startup

Web design and WordPress website

Based on the branding, a WordPress website was created that reflects all core elements. A protected member area holds additional information for all exercisers. The Axe Gym can maintain and update all content itself through the WordPress content management system.

Web design for startup Axe Gym Schwabmünchen

Mobile web design for startup Axe Gym Schwabmünchen

Portfolio: Axe Gym - Branding for Startup

Offline & Print & Outdoor Advertising

For a local company with a regional catchment area, a target group-specific offline strategy is of course essential. Here, a mixture of print advertising and eye-catching facade design is used.

Axe Gym Flyer and Poster Design

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Axe Gym flyer design

Portfolio: Axe Gym - Branding for Startup


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Branding for martial arts studio Schwabmünchen


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