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Roastery Bohnenschmiede
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In search of the soul of coffee

Organic certified - Direct Trade - CO2 neutrality. Here, the focus is not only on the bean, but also on the environment and partners. The friendly coffee roasting company from Wehringen (Bavaria) still exudes startup character. The gently roasted top-quality coffee is a real treat for all coffee fans (such as our agency).

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As carefully prepared as the green coffee

We have given the website and online store the same dedication as the green coffee itself. All coffee drinkers can find out at their leisure about the facets of each individual variety. This includes, for example, origin, cultivation altitude, preparation, intensity, fruitiness, type of coffee, suitable preparation, taste and aromas.

E-commerce, online store and coffee subscription

We have been commissioned to provide all-round carefree support for the Bohnenschmiede in the area of e-commerce, which also includes the WooCommerce online store and online marketing. For the WooCommerce store, we have introduced a coffee subscription system since 2021 - thus avoiding the involuntary decaffeination of the Bohnenschmiede community in the future!Webdesign Rösterei Bohnenschmiede-01

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