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What is branding - and do I need it?

Branding describes the active shaping of a brand into a company's own identity and a strong figurehead. The customer recognizes [...]
September 1, 2020

Branding describes the active shaping of a brand into a company's own identity and a strong figurehead. The customer recognizes the brand and associates positive characteristics with it. The aim of branding is to distinguish the company's own products and services from those of its competitors. A positive image of a strong brand is to be created with concrete messages and emotions. The customer should subconsciously recall certain associations when he comes into contact with the brand.

So branding is more than just a logo or logotype. Branding describes the gut feeling that arises in the customer.

It's YOUR story - how do you want it told?

Examples of very successful branding are the popular Ritter Sport chocolate with its image of practical, square, good. Or the global company Apple with its bitten apple, which stands for high-quality high-end products. And the Swedish company IKEA is another example of perfect corporate branding. Ikea stands for young furniture at reasonable prices and a family atmosphere. This branding gave IKEA a monopoly position in the German furniture market.

Branding für Unternehmen

Branding for companies: What story is being told? (Illustration by Maria Shukshina from Icons8)

Do you need branding?

Do I even need branding for my company? - We can answer that with a clear Yes Answer. Your company needs branding to draw attention to itself and not to be eaten by the competition in the big shark tank.

Through branding, you win new customers and also turn them into loyal customers and fans of your brand. Branding builds your brand, makes it known, and ultimately makes it successful in the long run.

Branding is important because...

  • it helps you to stand out positively from your competitors and it makes you unique and special
  • it increases the recognition value of your brand
  • you can use it to control how customers perceive you and your brand
  • it draws attention to your product or your company and customers can thus check your offer
  • the consumer remembers and recognizes visual and content-related statements
  • you can build an emotional bond with your target group and a potential customer then becomes a customer and ultimately a brand fan.

What elements does branding consist of?

Branding consists of various elements that need to be worked out, whether by you alone or with the help of an agency geared towards this. Below are some sample elements.

Your vision

Your company's vision represents the goals and motivations that keep you back in your workshop or sitting at your desk every day. Make a short statement about what your company is about, what it should stand for. Think about who you want your customer to be. (Mission Statement)

Your brand strategy

Your brand strategy encompasses your corporate goals and visions, your unique selling proposition that sets you apart from the competition. It may also include new ways of doing things. It also includes ideas for advertising campaigns, as well as your external appearance, which should be consistent across all platforms. (brand guidelines)

Your logo

In a way, your logo is the face of your company. Accordingly, the creativity and care in its design should be great.

Your website

Your website is the digital home of your company. This makes your web presence all the more important. Your website should be appealing and easy to use. Visitors should feel comfortable and stay as long as possible in your virtual business. Today, a good website is one of the most important building blocks on the way to lasting success. (One reason why we put so much heart and soul into the design of our clients' websites!)

Promotional item

Depending on the industry, this category may still include items such as flyers, advertising brochures, customer magazines or product packaging.

Branding Komponenten

It's the whole that makes it: Branding consists of many components (Illustration by Ivan Haidutski from Icons8)

What does branding cost?

This question about the Costs actually cannot be answered unequivocally. First, you have to focus on the question: What goals do you want to achieve with branding? And derived from that: What would it cost you not to achieve these goals?

We help you develop your brand strategy and then also help you create a budget plan. All-inclusive offers are not target-oriented in this area and can therefore not be considered serious.

Often, smaller businesses are afraid of the excessive costs that might be incurred when booking a branding agency. But successful branding exists for every
Budget. A good agency will work with you to develop your branding guidelines that not only meet your goal, but also your budget.

What is good branding? Is there bad branding?

What characterizes good branding? The core objective of good branding must be, bring the brand to life and give it a personality of its own. So just presenting a fancy package on a visually appealing website can't be it.

Gutes vs schlechtes Branding

Good vs bad branding: does it even exist? (Illustration by Dmitry Nikulnikov from Icons8)

Brand guidelines are also always central to good branding. A consistently well thought-out and consistent Appearance is a priority here.

Poor branding is often due to the fact that company founders pay too little attention to the external appearance of their brand. When starting a business, you often lack the know-how or the capital for professional consultants, designers and marketers. It does not convey a positive brand image if, for example, different fonts, language styles or colors are used on the website than on your otherwise existing social media channels. Inconsistent branding reflects poorly on your overall brand presence.

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