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Numerous companies use the US web analytics service Google Analytics. However, a decision by the Austrian and now also the French data protection authorities has been causing [...]
March 9, 2022

Numerous companies use the US web analytics service Google Analytics. But a Decision of the Austrian and now also French data protection authorities has been causing a stir on the market since the beginning of 2022. This is because the authorities are of the opinion that the Use of Google Analytics Illegal because of the data transfer to the USA. be. There is now great uncertainty as to whether other authorities or even the European Court of Justice could follow this decision and thus call into question data traffic between the EU and the USA.

Important: This blog post is not legal advice and is not intended to replace such advice. I am neither a lawyer nor a data protection expert. This post is only intended to provide general information and illustrate that there is extensive need for regulation. I cannot assume any liability for the completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the information provided here. The use of this information is expressly at your own risk.


A website and store measurement tool is essential for optimization. (Illustration by Viktoriya Belyakova from Ouch!)

Possible consequences for companies

What would EU website operators have to face if the use of Google Analytics is indeed deemed to be non-compliant with data protection? EU operators would then be forced to switch to an analysis service that has its servers in the EU. Companies are therefore recommended to prepare for a possible new regulation in good time.

We as eTracker Solution Partners offer you competent and uncomplicated solutions here.

There are several alternatives for Google Analytics. Our agency works with the eTracker GmbH together, a German Tracking specialist for web analytics and push notification marketing based in Hamburg. Modern tools provide fast solutions to improve the Analyze data from your website in a meaningful way and design successful marketing - in absolute compliance with data protection laws. As a customer you can be sure that Exclusively German and European data protection law to be applied.

eTracker briefly explained

eTracker (engl. electronic tracking) is an analysis tool that Information about the visitors of a website and their Records movements. After an evaluation of the data, it can be used to optimize a website. Important: All data is stored in a data center stored in Germany. Revocation of the tracking and thus the storage of personal data is also possible at any time. No data is passed on to third parties, the collected analysis data is only available to the client, i.e. website operator.

In order to optimize a corporate website, it is essential to monitor the behavior of visitors with the help of traffic analysis. This also allows the advertising effectiveness of newsletters or other marketing measures to be checked and, if necessary, improved. With the help of web analytics, visitors can be viewed in terms of various aspects (language, origin, device type, search term preferences). It also provides detailed information about which sections of a website are visited and which categories are of particular interest. For web stores in particular, it is important to know how high the proportion of actual purchases is.

What to do?

All website operators in Europe who work with Google Analytics are strongly advised to follow up on the issue and, if necessary. to switch.

As an eTracker Solution Partner, we offer a solution: We take care of an uncomplicated switch to your new analytics partner for your company. We work with our cooperation partner eTracker GmbH, a German solution for successful and legally compliant website tracking.

We support you in concluding a contract with the company eTracker GmbH and integrate your website with eTracker. The privacy policy must contain a reference to the use of eTracker as well as to the revocation option. This way, you are protected by certified DSGVO compliance and do not have to fear any warnings or fines.

Furthermore enables eTracker Analytics a web analysis without cookie banners and without data loss in case of cookie rejection. Cookie-less tracking continues to gain ground, bringing with it many advantages.


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