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Lorem Picsum

"Lorem ipsum" is probably the best-known dummy text par excellence. This has no special meaning, but should help to get an impression for the layout. Now there is also a simple solution for all Web designer and developers: Lorem Picsum.

Simple placeholder images in the appropriate size

The use is very simple. You simply append the desired image size (width and height) to the URL of the tool and you get a suitable placeholder image.

Example of an image with the width 800px and the height 600px:

The resulting image will look like this:

For square images, it is sufficient to specify the side length once:

Use specific image

Instead of displaying a random image, you can also select a specific motif. For this you have to enter in the URL  /id/{image} where {image} must be replaced with the image ID:

A list with all motifs can be found here: Motif list Picsum

More functions



The degree of blur can take a value between 1 and 10:

Filter combinations

Image in grayscale and with blur:

More functions can be found on the official Website can be looked up. Have fun!

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