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The ePrivacy Regulation is currently on everyone's lips. In this context, one hears and reads more and more frequently about the obligation to use the cookie opt-in procedure (the previous opt-out procedure is no longer permitted). This means that cookies may only be set with explicit consent. Excluded from this are all technically necessary cookies. This includes, for example, the cookie that stores the cookie settings, or cookies for store functionalities (shopping cart, notepad, etc.).

Cookie Opt-In Solution for WordPress

There are now numerous solutions to implement a cookie opt-in for WordPress websites. Especially many premium plugins offer a fast solution with many settings. We are currently testing the Plugin Borlabs Cookie 2.1*. According to plugin author, the biggest advantages of the plugin are:

  • ePrivacy Regulation compliant cookie opt-in solution
  • Create cookie groups (Essential, Marketing, Statistics, External Media)
  • Output cookie list in privacy policy, incl. name, duration, purpose, origin, etc.
  • necessary tracking codes are already stored (Google Analytics, Adsense, Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, etc.)
  • Multilingualism (e.g. with WPML or Polylang)
  • Compatibility with any WordPress theme
  • Compatibility with WordPress caching plugins

The integration of the cookie plugin can also be done via our agency, for example.

Does my website set cookies at all?

This can be easily tested with tools such as or It is important to note whether cookies are essential or optional.

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Detailed Borlabs Cookie Test & Review

Soon this article will be updated with more information on the Plugin Borlabs Cookie* enriched, such as notes on implementation and setting.

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