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When creating an online store on the basis of WordPress one automatically encounters the term WooCommerce. But what do we mean by this?  WooCommerce is a Plugin (software component that extends an existing software), which the WordPress Content management system extended by the functionality of an online store. With a few clicks, your website becomes a functional web store.

WooCommerce with over 15 million installations, is the most used plug-in in online store Area.

What are the costs?

The Basic version of the software is available for download free of charge. There are Extensions for the range of functions of a store, but which then chargeable are. However, these additional plugins are relatively cheap compared to other store systems.


Critically seen WooCommerce at Partially missing interfaces in the merchandise management system. This must be checked before creating a store, so that an optimal link with WooCommerce is then also possible. Also, not every enterprise resource planning system is automatically supported.

Problems may also arise at times when the WooCommerce Store does not visually match the associated website. Then major adjustments in the area of CSS programming necessary. For the design work, the support of a design agency is then also recommended. Professional advice also helps if the store becomes too confusing due to a large number of articles or even knocks out the server.

 What is needed for this?

The Installation from WordPress and WooCommerce takes place with a web hoster with a matching domain. A SSL certificate is required for security reasons. For the external image of the website or online store there are numerous Themes to choose from, depending on the individual requirements of each store. For the construction and operation of the store are Plugins, i.e. extensions are available.

 What speaks for WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is suitable especially for small web stores, which is associated with WordPress be operated. The store can created quickly and easily are created and there are in the basic version none Costs. WooCommerce has a well processed user interfaceThe user can quickly familiarize himself with the handling of the program.

But WooCommerce offers itself also for large companies an. The software is so flexible that both physical products (shipping items), as well as digital products as well as Services can be offered and thus sold. However, the possible offer also includes the sale of tickets, online courses, subscriptions, reservations, memberships or products for B2B stores. From a technical point of view, there are with WooCommerce no limits to the type or number of products. Thus, with WooCommerce apartments can also be rented out or a pizza delivery service set up.

Legal aspects

When setting up WooCommerce care must be taken to ensure that it in Germany special regulations for online stores and, especially in the B2C end-customer business, there are numerous legal requirements must be taken into account. Special plugins like Germanized or German Market help with this, WooCommerce then adapt German law. In any case, however, it is worthwhile to have a legal review by a specialist lawyer before going live.

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