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Common stumbling blocks when creating WooCommerce online stores

If you plan to build an online store based on WordPress, then you actually automatically come across WooCommerce. About [...]
March 24, 2021

If you want to use the Building an online store on the basis of WordPress, then you actually automatically come across WooCommerce. More than 1/3 of all online stores worldwide are operated with the Combination WordPress and WooCommerce regardless of the industry or the size of the product range. WooCommerce briefly explained: WooCommerce is a free software program that can be accessed from other software applications. With it, WordPress, the most common content management, can be transformed into an e-commerce solution, serving as the basis for an independent online store.

So, WooCommerce is a fully customizable e-commerce feature extension for WordPress, which greatly simplifies and facilitates the creation of an online store. WooCommerce is an open source solution. With it, any products can be set and offered in the store. In addition, WooCommerce can also be used as a billing module for extensions in WordPress such as services or the sale of online training. The easy integration of payment gateways such as PayPal greatly limits abandonment rates and ensures a faster cash flow than is often the case in other store systems.

Häufige Stolpersteine bei Erstellung von WooCommerce Online-Shop

For many companies, brands and retailers, e-commerce is still uncharted territory. (Illustration by Thierry Fousse from Icons8)

Stumbling blocks

A standard setup of WooCommerce is done quickly - the challenge with every store lies in the realization of the individual requirements. We have listed some problems and stumbling blocks that you can often encounter when creating an online store.

Theme used must be optimized

Important in the creation of a store is the clear creation of the target group and a coherent design concept for it. Unfortunately, this aspect is often not recognized in its value and therefore neglected. A successful store requires a clearly thought-out concept, starting with the definition of the target group, through a consistent appearance, to the sales texts.

User guidance must be simple

Customers feel comfortable only on web stores that are easy to use. If a store is complicated, cumbersome or unclear, it will not be successful. Newcomers to the online store sector in particular often have problems with user-friendly implementation. This starts with the presentation of the product range and extends to the loading speed of the pages and optimization for mobile users. If, for example, the checkout process is complicated and incomprehensible, potential buyers will drop out before they can complete the transaction.

Increase conversion

If a store is to be profitable, the conversion rate must be right, i.e. the proportion of store visitors who ultimately actually put my product in the shopping cart and buy it. The goal should therefore be to increase and stabilize the conversion rate. Many clicks alone do not make the success.
Therefore, when creating a store, you must not forget to make an exact analysis of your target group and their buying behavior. The web design and the structure of your store must be coordinated with this.

Choosing a good hosting

Problems often occur when the importance of good hosting is underestimated during a store setup. A standard WooCommerce setup seems to be done quickly. (An SSL certificate is standard). The real challenge lies in the fact that the selected hosting can realize and optimally implement the individual circumstances and requirements of your store.


In case of a high order volume, the server may be down.
High order volumes occur, for example, around holidays such as Christmas or before Valentine's Day. If you sell items in your store that are particularly popular as gifts on such days, you may run the risk of your website going down because your server cannot handle the load of requests if your hoster is weak.

SEO challenges

Your customers will mostly search for you via Google, and hopefully find you. And it is here that the next potential stumbling block appears: the SEO challenges. You must here Note areas such as product and category pages, filters, pagination. For beginners often big question marks and hurdles.

Legal traps

Internet use is strictly regulated in Germany, which also includes e-commerce. It is therefore absolutely necessary to obtain precise information and, if necessary, advice, especially in the legal area, in order to avoid warnings. The default installation of WooCommerce was developed for the American market. So you have to be aware that possible adaptations for the German market may be necessary. (Retrofit with plugin)

Logistical aspects

Many new store operators underestimate the extent of the preparatory work in the logistical area. This includes points such as shipping costs, returns, to which countries should be sold / shipped, compliance with legal requirements when shipping to the desired countries, different VAT rates, foreign currencies, possible payment options, inventory management, implementation after receipt of order, managing returns, complaints. The list could be extended almost endlessly.

Customer base/turnover grows: administrative work becomes too large

You are happy when your customer base and your sales increase steadily over time. But with it, the work in the administrative area also grows. You have to create invoices, manage cancellations and returns, keep your accounting up to date, pay attention to the tax. It's easy to lose track of everything. A relief here is a suitable accounting software. With it you can create invoices and quotes or manage your customer orders and accounting.

How can we help you?

When creating a WooCommerce online store, many aspects must be considered, and this from the very beginning. Otherwise, unnecessary problems and avoidable costs will arise. We are happy to assist you with our many years of expertise and fresh ideas. Our broad know-how helps you to build up your brand and also supports you with the growing technical requirements that an online store has to meet today. Together we develop a functioning store system to establish your offer optimally in the market and make it successful.

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