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First things first: What is actually the difference between a cookie banner and a Cookie Consent Tool?

Cookies are sweet, but do not always taste good to us, if they are personal data that are cached in our Internet browser, when we visit certain websites.

When I visit a web page for the first time, I often see a Cookie banner with a short information text. With a click on the Ok button I can quickly click away this banner. This kind of text informs about the cookie use, but does not block it.

The situation is different with the Cookie Consent Tool: Here appears a Popup window or a bannerthat me informed about the processing of personal data. As a visitor, I can now set my consent - broken down by cookie type - by checking the box. This gives me the opportunity to consent only to those data uses that I want to allow.

As a website operator, I can use the Cookie Consent Tool that overlays my website like a kind of mask. There are different Consent technologies and providers.

Who needs a Cookie Consent Tool?

Every site operator is obliged to obtain the consent of the visitors or users of the website if he wants to use cookies that are not technically necessary (e.g. for marketing purposes). The site visitor must be precisely informed about the services that set cookies and transfer the data. The Cookie consent by consent Tool (Consent Tool) is only available to site visitors once they have given their consent, i.e. ticked the box.

Only this form of cookie technology is suitable so that the legal requirements of the Basic Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be complied with. The consent of the site visitors is also required by the site operator for services that track the activities on the website (for example, Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel).

Technically necessary cookies do not require consent. These are, for example, cookies that are responsible for storing log-in data or the shopping cart.

What must a cookie consent tool be able to do?

When installing Cookie Consent Tools, you must technical and design specifications be observed.

If a web page is accessed for the first time, no cookie may be activated, technically necessary ones excluded. Non-essential cookies must be blocked until the site visitor has clicked his consent in the tool. If consent is given only for certain cookies, the others must be disabled.

A cookie consent tool must, in the simplest possible language, inform about inform what use and purpose the cookies pursue. All cookies must be set for the Selection option be listed completely. There must also be a Revocation option give. Then there must be a button to accept the cookie selection and one to reject the cookie selection.

Note: This information does not constitute legal advice, nor are we authorized to give such advice. In case of doubt, please always seek advice from a specialist lawyer! Nevertheless, we hope to be able to give you an understandable insight into the current cookie debate. (Status 02.02.2022).

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